Tuesday, May 27, 2008


So, this is kind of exciting.
My roommate is a first generation Mexican kid, and she is going back to Mexico this summer to visit her family, and she invited me to come with! Her family lives in a small, rural Mexican town called Cocaoyula, and she lived down there for a few years after she was born. This whole year she has been telling me stories about Mexico, eating iguana, killing chicken, and haggling at street markets, and now to have the opportunity to see it all myself, I am estatic.

The idea actually started because Melissa wants to collect some oral histories from her grandma and grandpa about the town, since they have lived there forever. I suggested that she try to turn it into an independent study project, and we formulated the idea from there. We want to go down this summer to get an idea of things and show our faces, and then next summer, spend a lot of time down there collecting oral histories and possibly filming a documentary.

Ah. I am psyched. Now all I have to do is ask my mom, mi madre.